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Tooth Sensitivity – Causes of Sensitive Teeth: Havasu Dentist

Tooth sensitivity can occur with hot and cold foods and beverages with an overwhelming sensation. Sometimes, even brushing teeth causes pain! Tooth sensitivity occurs when dentin becomes exposed in your teeth. Dentin is beneath the enamel (the hard, outermost layer of your teeth). With more dentin exposed, more serious dental problems occur, such as tooth […]

SRP – Deep Cleaning: Havasu Dentist

It can be shocking to hear from your dentist or see your treatment plan and learn that you need more than a regular dental cleaning. If your teeth need more attention for a cleaning, you will be encouraged to get a “deep cleaning,” known as an SRP. SRP is short for Scaling and Root Planing. […]

Technology in the Dental Office – Making Dentistry Easier: Havasu Dentist

Lasers are changing dentistry forever, giving patients easier and better experiences when visiting the dentist. Also, dental technology is making dentistry more fun for everyone! There are new technologies that make dentistry less messy, time consuming, and more fun when you visit your dentist! Panoramic 3D machines and CT scans are used to see your […]

Dental X-Rays: Your Safety First: Havasu Dentist

Dental X-Rays help precisely diagnose your dental problems. Additionally, with procedures such as “crown seats” or “root canals,” X-Rays ensure that your treatment was completed successfully. With the technology available today, X-rays are the safest they have ever been. Four X-Rays use about the same amount of radiation that is in your banana. Though small […]

Facts About Dental Implants: Havasu Dentist

Implants are the most popular dental restorations that offer a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth. Compared to others treatments, such as fillings, crowns, and root canals, implants last the longest. Below are FACTS about dental implants.  Our implants are titanium Our Serenity Dental implants are titanium, which binds to your bone through a process […]

Dentures and Implants – Ways to Restore Your Smile: Havasu Dentist

Dentures and implants are excellent solutions for restoring a confident smile. Full dentures are removable upper and lower arch appliances that fit around your jaw bones. Negative pressure from breath stabilizes your dentures. Also, patients with full dentures can also use dental glue to keep their dentures in place. Full dentures are an easy way […]

Sensitive Teeth – Treatments for Sensitivity: Havasu Dentist

If you have sensitive teeth, there are a variety of treatments for sensitivity. Sensitive teeth may reroute your daily lifestyle due to the temporary shooting pain that’s experienced. Certain sensations, like “sourness” from candy, or temperatures, like hot tea, cause discomfort. Anyone can experience teeth sensitivity, regardless of their dental health. Some factors of your […]