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Havasu Dentist: What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is designed to save your natural tooth that has deep decay and bacteria within it. A root canal is a simple procedure that cleans and disinfects the infected tooth, builds the tooth back up to strength, and covers the tooth with a dental crown. Why are root canals a preferred treatment over […]

Havasu Dentist: Is Snap On Smile Worth It?

Dentistry is a popular avenue for the cosmetics industry, especially treatment for dental veneers. Porcelain dental veneers are dental crowns that “cap” existing teeth and fix: stained teeth crooked teeth chipped teeth uneven spaces or gaps Though dental veneers may seem costly, a professional dentist ensures that your treatment lasts you several years and is […]

Havasu Dentist: 3D Printed Crowns

3D printers have changed technology drastically by giving us the ability to print 3D objects from digital files on a computer. One industry that have been impacted by 3D printing is dentistry! Several treatments in dentistry have become easier, faster, and more precise with the help of 3D printing technology. Common treatments that have been […]

Havasu Dentist: Dental Implant VS Other Options for Missing Teeth

Though dental implants are the most expensive procedure available to replace a missing tooth, they are also the best resolution. There are several options you can choose when you have a missing tooth: Do nothing.  Get a partial denture. Construct a bridge from adjacent teeth. Place a dental implant.  Opting to not receive treatment for […]

Havasu Dentist: Medications & Dry Mouth

If you are dealing with dry mouth symptoms, it could be caused from a variety of things: genetics, oral health, and/or medications that you take. A few types of medications that cause dry mouth, medically known as xerostomia, are: Antidepressants (Zoloft, Celexa, Prozac) Decongestants (Sudafed PE, Vicks) Antihistamines (Zyrtec, Benadryl) Muscle relaxants (Robaxin, Zanaflex) Appetite […]

Havasu Dentist: Dr. Trent’s Flossquick Review Coming Soon!

Do you struggle with keeping a commitment to flossing? Do you feel like there isn’t enough time to floss properly? You are not alone. Only 30% of the population reports to floss daily! With this shocking statistic, a new startup company, FlossQuick, is trying to help flossing become easier, faster, and better. Their website is: […]

Havasu Dentist: Chewing Gum Hacks

When you’re on the go, it’s hard to be proactive about keeping your smile healthy. Consuming foods or drinks with sugar and acidity can have damaging effects, especially when enjoyed throughout the day or for long periods of time. If you’re unable to brush, floss, or rinse on the go, luckily, sugar free gum freshen […]

Havasu Dentist: You Should LOL!

Laughter is a daily part of life. We’re serious when we say that laughing is one of the best medicines. A laugh a day keeps the doctors away, perhaps? What exactly is a laugh? Psychology Today says that “laughter is primarily a social vocalization that binds people together.” Interesting, right? What does laughter do to […]