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Havasu Dentist: Tooth Gems

Recently, tooth gems have made a comeback in cosmetics. Tooth gems are just like it sounds – blingy, shiny adhesive gems that are bonded to your teeth by a strong glue. Tooth gems are originally a Swedish trend. Nowadays, United States celebrities are supporting their dazzle, making sure to smile for the camera to show […]

Havasu Dentist: What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a solution for those who are not missing all of their teeth, but one or more on the same arch (upper or lower). Partial dentures are designed to be an affordable, quick solution for patients who need to fill the gaps between the missing teeth. Also, partial dentures help keep patient’s remaining […]

Havasu Dentist: Why are Antibiotics Important?

Antibiotics are powerful medications that combat infections and can be live saving. In the dental office, some patients come in with pre-existing infections in the mouth from the roots of teeth that have deep decay, or pus-filled abscesses. Oral infections are just as dangerous as anywhere else in the body. These specific bacteria that breed […]

Havasu Dentist: What are Benzodiazepines?

Benzodiazepines are used during IV sedation treatment in your Havasu dental office. The word “benzodiazepine” is a medicinal term for a class of drugs that helps with anxiety, insomnia, and anesthesia. There are differences between the several types of benzodiazepine medications available, such as how quickly their onset occurs and what they are prescribed for. […]

Havasu Dentist: Dental Assistant, Tara

I am loving working as a dental assistant here! My favorite part of each day is always having something to do for a patient, keeping that fast-paced vibe in our office. I love animals and own two crested geckos that I consider to be my babies. My hobbies include snowboarding with my family and baking! […]

Havasu Dentist: Insurance Assistant, Makayla

I am originally from Las Vegas, NV, but love it here in Havasu because it is small and beautiful. I am the Insurance Coordinator for Serenity Dental and my goal is to always be aware of all treatment options, plus give them clarity on what their insurance can do for them. Dr. Kaushesh is the […]

Havasu Dentist: Brand Representative, Alberta

I’m currently the brand representative for all of Dr. Kaushesh’s practices. My first professional job started at Serenity Dental where over the years, I have performed several roles in the office and have loved to learn the “whole picture” of how a dental office should operate – with the best attitudes, positivity, hard work, presence, […]

Havasu Dentist: Dental Assistant, Jeanette

I was born and raised here in this town with the bluest lake and the bluest skies. I carry the best attitude because everyone around me is so happy. Working chair-side with my doctor, I get to see the unique solutions we create for each of our patients!