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Tips to Help Control Dry Mouth: Havasu Dentist

Dry mouth is clinically called as xerostomia and is a situation where the salivary glands in the mouth, fails to make the required amount of saliva to keep the mouth wet. The condition has plenty of reasons behind its development and can be a sign of an underlying problem. As saliva is an important part […]

How Acne And Your Dental Health Could Be Linked: Havasu Dentist

Acne is a resilient problem that almost every person fights with. If, despite using the best face washes, acne creams, and medicated solution, your acne appears to be unaffected, it could be time you visit a dental care clinic center. Now you might ask “Why?” The fact might be surprising to you, but a prominent […]

Word Quiz on Oral Hygiene: Havasu Dentist

Yes, you brush your teeth every day. But how much do you really know about this important habit? Test your knowledge with our quiz on dental vocabulary. Choose the correct meaning for: Oral Hygiene Clean language The practice of keeping your teeth and gums clean A shade of lipstick A type of dental surgery Biofilm […]

When Teeth are Lost, Bone is Lost: Havasu Dentist

Most people think of bone as rock-solid, but it’s actually a living tissue that’s constantly changing. This has significant implications for your oral health, general health, and appearance — if you are one of the 70% of Americans missing at least one tooth. Throughout the day, your top and bottom teeth make hundreds of fleeting […]

What To Do About A Child’s Toothache: Havasu Dentist

It’s 3:00 PM, your child has just come back from the school playground — and she’s complaining of a toothache that’s making her miserable. She can’t seem to say if there was a particular injury or a blow, but the more she talks about it, the worse it gets. You’re the parent… what are you […]