Havasu Dentist: 3D Printed Crowns

3D printers have changed technology drastically by giving us the ability to print 3D objects from digital files on a computer. One industry that have been impacted by 3D printing is dentistry!

Several treatments in dentistry have become easier, faster, and more precise with the help of 3D printing technology.

Common treatments that have been revolutionized with 3D printing include:

Night Guards and Clear Aligners

Night Guards are beneficial for everyone as all of us move our jaws when we are asleep. Some of us tend to clench and grind in our sleep, which over time, can cause pain and wearing away or our teeth, as well as our jaw joint (TMJ). After a quick 3D scan of your mouth (no more gooey impressions!), a night guard can be made in your dentist’s lab that is custom fit and comfortable to you.

Clear aligners are made exclusively with 3D printers. With the printer and physics combined, dental professionals can map out your teeth alignment plan.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns restore teeth that have too much decay for a filling to fix. These are commonly referred to as “caps,” that fully cover your tooth that’s been shaped by a dentist. The start-to-finish time for this type of procedure is becoming as short as 1 hour from the use of 3D printers! Dentists are now able to print your crowns in their own lab and deliver it to you the same day, rather than waiting a few weeks.

Implant Surgery

Some offices use surgical guides to give a life-like model of the jawbone where an implant is being placed. With this technology, implant surgeon’s cases are more predictable and precise.