Havasu Dentist: Chewing Gum Hacks

When you’re on the go, it’s hard to be proactive about keeping your smile healthy. Consuming foods or drinks with sugar and acidity can have damaging effects, especially when enjoyed throughout the day or for long periods of time. If you’re unable to brush, floss, or rinse on the go, luckily, sugar free gum freshen your breath and keep your teeth healthy!

When you chew sugar free gum, it improves your oral health by:

  • neutralizing acids in your mouth
  • offering healthy minerals and freshness to your teeth, tissues, and tongue
  • containing xylitol (usually) which loosens the sticky bacteria stuck to your teeth and gums
  • increasing saliva production, which naturally cleanses your palate throughout the day

Adding sugar-free chewing gum to your active and busy lifestyle will reward you with fresher breath and better oral health throughout your day. Make sure you check the label on gum to ensure that it is sugar free!