Havasu Dentist: Crack the Case with Dentistry – How Forensic Scientists Use Teeth

Did you know that teeth are one of the most essential pieces of evidence to a crime case?  Two parts of the body are a definite contributor to someone’s identity – fingerprints, and teeth! To date, one of the most common and useful fossils or evidence has been the presence of teeth or even bite marks. Researchers have found teeth that are 160,000 years old! Studying teeth for investigation is considered the study of ondontology.

What you notice about your teeth – the small details, curves, alignment, colors – everyone has unique esthetics naturally. To identify key features of teeth forensic scientists and dental professionals use terms like cusp shape, crown length, golden proportions, occlusion, and more.

In the news over time, very famous cases have been solved with the help of ondontology. Recently made into a film, the famous cases of Ted Bundy, bite marks being studied in trial was an actual event to his real-life case. Using science, researchers were able to gather evidence on if Ted Bundy was guilty of the crime.

Want to know about more ondontology cases? Check out this website of historical ondontology cases: https://www.encyclopedia.com/science/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/odontology-historical-cases