Havasu Dentist: Do you share your toothbrush?

Sharing is caring mostly, but sharing a toothbrush may do more harm than good! Even though a toothbrush is used for good hygiene, what’s left on the toothbrush may not be something you’d ever want to share…

Bacteria and infection are the two reasons to not share a toothbrush, even with someone you feel is clean and healthy.

  1. Bacteria. Though the toothbrush is used to clean your teeth, its purpose is to remove bacteria, making it a relatively dirty object. Bacteria may be good or bad, however, it is good practice to limit your exposure as you may become ill. Plus, the more people that use a single toothbrush, the more types of bacteria that are likely present on it.
  2. Infection. Conditions like oral herpes and periodontal disease can be passed from a toothbrush. Research has shown that children that share toothbrushes with their school friends are more likely to develop cavities! If someone has open sores in or around the mouth, they may transmit HIV or hepatitis to the next person to use the toothbrush.

As you read above, it may cause more harm than good to be kind in sharing your toothbrush. It is best that each person has their own toothbrush to prevent the spread of bacteria, illness, and even dental decay! Read more about bad brushing habits and how to fix them on our blog: https://www.serenityhavasu.com/blog/!