Havasu Dentist: Dr. Trent’s Flossquick Review Coming Soon!

Do you struggle with keeping a commitment to flossing? Do you feel like there isn’t enough time to floss properly? You are not alone. Only 30% of the population reports to floss daily! With this shocking statistic, a new startup company, FlossQuick, is trying to help flossing become easier, faster, and better. Their website is: https://flossquick.com/.

The mission of FlossQuick is great, to help more people floss daily. The concept behind their product is quite unique – we would have never thought of an all-in-one flossing device! Kudos to you, FlossQuick!

At your Havasu dentist, we recommend daily flossing. If FlossQuick is the company that helps you do just that, we highly recommend their product! Check out our flossing blogs to see why dentists recommend flossing in the first place at https://www.serenityhavasu.com/blog/.

How does FlossQuick work? FlossQuick sends you exactly what you need in a convenient kit to get your all-in-one flossing journey started. Inside your first box, you will have a kit to make and take your own impressions at home. As you’ll see in our VLOG soon, we highly recommend being as precise as possible with your impressions. Dr. Trent’s impressions were hard to take on himself, as a dentist! We advise that you practice putting the tray in your mouth before you set the material. Also, it is crucial that you bite down normally. Practice this too!

Once you send in your impressions, FlossQuick fabricates a pre-threaded, all-in-one device for you. FlossQuick’s site says that you can use your floss a few times before re-threading. We recommend that you use clean floss as often as possible, if not with each use. (Threading may become a pain… or be a fun time!)

FlossQuick benefits? FlossQuick looks like a great product for super busy people, or people that don’t like flossing in general. FlossQuick helps people very quickly floss all of their teeth at once. That’s pretty cool!

What do we recommend? Bottom line is, we recommend that you floss daily! Make sure to check out our VLOG soon where Dr. Trent reviews FlossQuick in more depth with his very own device!