Havasu Dentist: Is it time to replace the toothbrush?

Our everyday go-to, the toothbrush, needs replacing more often than most might think. Here’s our guide on when to replace your toothbrush.

  • If your toothbrush bristles are fraying, it is time to replace it! Toothbrush bristles are designed for the best use when your toothbrush is new. The bristles have specific strength, length, and flex to adequately clean all the grooves of teeth. As soon as your toothbrush bristles start to fray, it is time to get a new head!
  • If you can’t remember the last time you’ve replaced your toothbrush, it is time to replace it! It’s best to replace your toothbrush at least 4x per year, so about every 3 months. Why? Toothbrushes are pretty dirty, even though they clean our teeth. Bacteria remains on the toothbrush after use and in good hygiene, it’s best to limit the amount of bacteria collected over time on it.
  • If you’ve recently been sick, it’s time to replace it! It’s in your best interest to replace your toothbrush if you were just sick. Reason is, the same bacteria that caused you to become ill may still be lurking on your toothbrush – gross! Just like disinfecting your house or washing your sheets after being ill, think about replacing your toothbrush for full recovery!

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