Havasu Dentist: Tooth Gems

Recently, tooth gems have made a comeback in cosmetics. Tooth gems are just like it sounds – blingy, shiny adhesive gems that are bonded to your teeth by a strong glue. Tooth gems are originally a Swedish trend. Nowadays, United States celebrities are supporting their dazzle, making sure to smile for the camera to show them off.  Usually applied by an esthetician, tooth gems can last anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.

Though tooth gems are appealing to the eye, the little gem may cost significantly higher than it is worth. How? Everything may appear fine when smiling in the mirror at a diamond, however, your tooth may be at risk for needing dental treatment once it’s gone! Underneath the attractive gem might, unfortunately, be some unattractive marks, such as discoloration, decay, or enamel loss!

There is a news article floating around where a woman’s tooth gem lasted 5 years! After 5 years of bling, her tooth had a hole. She had to cap the tooth with a crown, which is a more costly procedure than the application of the gem. And yes, she upgraded from one gem to a whole crown…. but her tooth was left worse than before she applied the gem!

If you want to have fashionable tooth gems, we have a few suggestions. We recommend that when you get the tooth gems, do not shy away from cleaning around them. It is imperative to clean around the gem to help reduce and prevent the amount of bacteria that can get its way underneath the gem, to a place that you cannot reach with your toothbrush. When you go to your Havasu dentist for regular cleanings, make sure that your gem teeth are checked for evaluation of their condition!