Havasu Dentist: What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is designed to save your natural tooth that has deep decay and bacteria within it. A root canal is a simple procedure that cleans and disinfects the infected tooth, builds the tooth back up to strength, and covers the tooth with a dental crown.

Why are root canals a preferred treatment over extracting a tooth? Simply put, your natural teeth are the best option in maintaining your smile’s durability, bone, and function. Saving a natural tooth has several advantages, such as:

  • most efficient chewing – your occlusion (bite) is designed around your natural teeth’s surfaces
  • normal forces on your teeth – your teeth have the proper design so that forces are strong but not too strong when using your teeth
  • being as natural as it gets!
  • protects bone and adjacent teeth from shifting or wear-and-tear

What exactly happens during the root canal procedure? A root canal procedure should not be a scary thought, the technique and technology of the procedure has improved greatly over the years. A root canal should always feel like 2 things: pain-free and comfortable. The sealer that fills your tooth’s “root canals” is called gutta-percha, which is derived from Malaysian trees and effectively insulates your canals. When your canals become insulated with gutta-percha, they no longer contain nerve, which means you will never feel pain from within the tooth again.

The techniques behind a root canal procedure also ensure that your tooth is in the most savable condition, free of infection or decay, and ready to be crowned. After your final crown is delivered, your natural tooth can sustain more time being useable and stimulating to your adjacent teeth and bone.