How Acne And Your Dental Health Could Be Linked: Havasu Dentist

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Acne is a resilient problem that almost every person fights with. If, despite using the best face washes, acne creams, and medicated solution, your acne appears to be unaffected, it could be time you visit a dental care clinic center. Now you might ask “Why?” The fact might be surprising to you, but a prominent reason that you have acne can be your poor dental health. You might have never thought the two could be linked, but, in reality, they are. In this post, we have covered everything you should know about acne and your dental health.

Healthy teeth are your way to a healthy face:

Yes, and it isn’t common knowledge, but, the better teeth you have the healthier face you can maintain. The oral health, which includes teeth and gums, have a big effect on your face’s overall health. It has been concluded through studies that the bad bacteria, which resides in an abscessed (infected) tooth or gum can infect the face as well and result in a breakout or irritation in the skin. Not necessarily, all types of acne are a result of bad dental health, but it is certainly one of the reasons!

Analyze your acne’s position to find out the reason:

Expert Dentists state that the bacteria may travel with the bloodstream and affect the skin in these areas as they are the nearest to approach. Also, they can directly reach your skin, so, it is important to wash your face often, especially after you have brushed your teeth!

How dental hygiene can reduce Acne?:

If you think poor dental health is the reason you are struggling with acne, you must keep your dental hygiene schedule up-to-date! Brush twice and day and do not forget to floss, moreover, use a fluoride face wash to complete the regimen. This will make sure your mouth is free from gum disease, cavities, or tooth infection, which, in case, left untreated can be a problem for your dental as well as facial health.a infection, which, in case, left untreated can be a problem for your dental as well as facial health.