SRP – Deep Cleaning: Havasu Dentist

It can be shocking to hear from your dentist or see your treatment plan and learn that you need more than a regular dental cleaning. If your teeth need more attention for a cleaning, you will be encouraged to get a “deep cleaning,” known as an SRP. SRP is short for Scaling and Root Planing. What does SRP mean? Needing an SRP means that you need a cleaning that extends to below the gum line and will require numbing.

During each dental check up, tissue measurements around each tooth are recorded. If you have multiple measurements of tissues longer than 4mm, you need a deep cleaning by your dental hygienist. Tissue measurements longer than 4mm means that you have deep pockets around your teeth, and may have also lost bone. Within these deep pockets “calculus,” which is hardened plaque attached to the tooth, is present and causes problems to occur. Inflammation, redness and bleeding in the gums, bone loss, and tooth decay can occur due to calculus.

Understand the risks of not receiving a deep cleaning (SRP):

  • Bone Loss
    • Bone loss leads to a higher chance of you losing teeth over time due to increased mobility.
  • Gum Disease / Infection
    • Bacteria lingering on teeth and below the gums leads to the gum disease, such as periodontitis and gingivitis, as well as infection. Both gum diseases and infections damage the teeth, causing decay. Also, gum diseases and infection can spread to the heart or brain, causing more health problems.
  • Tooth Decay
    • The longer SRP treatment waits, the longer calculus can damage your teeth below the gum line. Without an SRP, your gums and teeth are more likely to feel sensitive and/or painful.
  • Tooth Loss
    • Deep pockets and buildup of calculus ultimately leads to looser teeth, then loss of teeth. Keeping up with your dental cleanings can halt the progression of tooth mobility.
  • Aging Effects
    • Your face may start appearing “sunken” and your jawline will become less and less sharp with bone loss.
  • Overall Health Changes
    • Research shows correlation between gum disease and calculus to other health problems, such as heart disease and stroke.

The benefits of SRPs includes:

  • Halting and Reversing gum disease
  • More Attractive Smile
    • A deep cleaning will help you gain confidence and show a healthier smile because visible plaque or red gums are treated through SRPs.
  • Decreasing Inflammation, Redness, and Bleeding
  • Fresher Breath
    • Your breath will improve after removing the bacteria present on your teeth and below the gums.
  • Improve Overall Health
    • Maintaining your proper cleanings will help your overall health as the bacteria in your mouth reaches the rest of your body and the blood stream.

Schedule your deep cleaning so you can get your oral health back on track! If you have any questions regarding your cleaning treatment, ask your dental hygienist or dentist.

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