Havasu Dentist: Is Snap On Smile Worth It?

Dentistry is a popular avenue for the cosmetics industry, especially treatment for dental veneers. Porcelain dental veneers are dental crowns that “cap” existing teeth and fix:

  • stained teeth
  • crooked teeth
  • chipped teeth
  • uneven spaces or gaps

Though dental veneers may seem costly, a professional dentist ensures that your treatment lasts you several years and is safely completed. You may have seen advertisements for “Instant Veneers” or “Snap on Smiles” that are claiming to give an instant perfect smile over your existing teeth without the need to go to the dentist. On Amazon, Snap on Smiles cost only $11.99 and are “one size fits all.” This seems like an astounding savings, however, you may cost the health of your existing teeth when wearing a snap on veneer product.

If you read the reviews, you can quickly learn that products like these have very mixed reviews. For example, this product on Amazon ( appears on the first google search. This product in particular earned several 1 star reviews, involving the idea that these teeth do not fit to the user’s smile, and look like “horse teeth.” These types of problems are definitely a concern to someone trying to improve their look in a natural looking, seamless way.

Like other avenues in the cosmetic industry, dental veneers need to be carefully chosen to make you look your best. A professional dentist consult is the best option for dental veneers as your dream smile can be individualized to you, thoughtfully executed with proper technique and technology, and last a lifetime with great home care and checkups.


Sensitive Teeth – What Causes Tooth Sensitivity: Havasu Dentist

Tooth sensitivity can cause you to avoid hot and cold foods and beverages because of the overwhelming sensation. Sometimes, simply brushing teeth can be painful! Tooth sensitivity occurs when dentin becomes exposed in your teeth. Dentin is beneath the enamel (hard, outermost layer of your tooth). Increased exposure of dentin can cause more serious problems to your teeth, such as tooth decay!

Tooth sensitivity is the most common type of “toothache.” The pain that is experienced with sensitive teeth can be described as sharp and shooting.

Gum disease, grinding, harsh brushing, post-whitening treatment, and diet are all leading contributors to the experience of tooth sensitivity.

Sweet, acidic, and hot/cold food and drinks are major causes of tooth sensitivity if they are able to sit on the surface of your teeth for long periods of time.

Read more of our blogs on how to prevent and treat tooth sensitivity. If you’re in pain, please contact us at Serenity Dental so we can help relieve you and help you enjoy your smile.