Choosing the Right Dentist – Tips for You: Havasu Dentist

Choosing the best dental practice for you can be daunting with so many offices to choose from. It is essential to keep in mind the factors that are important to you when trusting a dentist and staff with your dental treatment.

Know their values.

All dental offices have a mission statement towards how they run their practice.  On the main page of a dental office’s website, key information to define themselves to you will be available. Also look for videos or blogs from the doctor and staff!

Check for social media and websites.

What does your future dental office do besides dentistry? Are they known and active within your community? Are they friendly? Social media represents the actual culture of a practice and it is posted for the public to see! A great dental office frequently posts about their dentistry AND the livelihood of their practice. If you interact with these posts, a great dental practice will reach out to you!

Check for insurance coverage.

If insurance is a determining factor in your choice, you may call and ask the front office staff if your insurance is covered. Some offices bill all insurances, so keep this in mind if you prefer an office that isn’t “in network.” You may still receive benefits towards your treatment!

Check the reviews.

Reviews are the easiest way to read honest opinions about your dental office. Communities’ word-of-mouth referrals help you better understand the practice you’re looking into from real people! If a dental office has high-star reviews from multiple people – it’s safe to say that the office prides itself in it’s mission.

Learn about the dentist(s).

Learning about your dentist is just as essential as learning about the office they practice in. On the dental office’s website, you can read biographies made by the dentist(s). Dentists should include credentialing, a bit of their personality, and their mission as a provider in their biography so you can get to know them before the first appointment.

Research what services they offer.

Before choosing a dental office, it is important to know that they offer everything you’re looking for. Do you suffer with a pesky gag reflex or from anxiety of the dentist? If so, make sure that the office is well equipped to comfort you through oral or IV sedation. Also not all dental offices are able to perform full mouth rehab/transformations and types of procedures, like implants. Double check by calling or checking out their website that the office can fulfill your dental needs.

Search for ads.

If you are self pay, look in the local ad papers to see if they have new patient specials or specials on procedures you may need done. Advertisements also give you a look into how they stage the practice to look to the public. Is it the type of practice you want to be a patient in?

Make an appointment.

If you have confidence in one or two dental offices after researching them, schedule a comprehensive (first) appointment! A comprehensive appointment is a full mouth check-up by the dentist so that they can diagnose any problems and meet you personally. This is your chance to see your dentist and dental office in action for your first treatment with them.  First impressions COUNT, so pay close attention.

Ask questions!

During the process of finding your dental office, don’t be afraid to call and ask questions, as well as ask questions during your first appointment. A great dental office will happily gain you as a new patient. Also, your dentist should thoroughly answer any of your questions!

Use these tips to find the best dental office you’ve visited. It is essential to find an office that cares about your customer service experience, treatment experience, and overall satisfaction!

Key Tips for Great Oral Health – Excellent Choices Today: Havasu Dentist

We all try to make the best choices to look young and feel our best. There are excellent choices you can make today for your oral health that will keep your smile looking its best and lasting the test of time with consistency. This blog will go over key tips to making those excellent choices for your oral health. 

Brush your teeth at least twice daily.

Brushing your teeth is essential for maintaining good oral health. Morning and evening brushing are the most recommended times for brushing. Brushing after meals or sugary drinks ensures that your teeth have less exposure to bacteria, food, and sugar!

Use a straw for drinks.

Drinking your beverages through a straw helps avoid the surfaces of your teeth. Preventing contact of these drinks to your teeth helps prevent sugar from coating and sticking to your teeth. Doing this also lowers the likelihood of staining your teeth with beverages like coffee and wine.


Flossing is the best way to get a full-mouth clean after brushing. Flossing reaches between your teeth and removes trapped food and bacteria that your toothbrush and/or mouthwash cannot reach alone. Colgate explains the importance of flossing here:

Visit your dentist.

Scheduling biannual visits with your dentist will keep your smile in check.

Avoid using teeth as tools.

Using your teeth as tools causes damage. With the wrong job, you may chip or fracture your tooth! Take the time to use the right tools for the job, such as opening bottle caps and lids, it will save your smile.

Avoid clenching and grinding.

Clenching and grinding cause irreversible damage over time. Clenching may cause teeth to crack, fracture, and chip. Also, your jaw may hurt over time due to the stress. Grinding wears down your teeth over time, actually shortening them! People clench and grind in their sleep, so it’s important to talk to your dentist about a night guard to prevent further damage. Read our blog about night guards and more on our blog:

Maintain a good routine!

With anything, consistency is KEY to having a healthy smile!