Our Technology

Our mission at Serenity Dental of Havasu is simple! Reduce time, cost, and trauma associated with dental procedures. Reduce dentist and patient fatigue by providing most advanced and ergonomic products available to date. Reduce complications by using state-of-the-art techniques, that are available only at “select few” in the world, at the most affordable cost.

We have invested in an enormous amount of technology and training for the entire staff to treat any of your problems with the most advanced cutting edge technology, combined with the most caring hearts of our staff. The results are extraordinary!

At Serenity Dental we take great pride  in being able to offer our patients the latest 3D technology. This technology gives our staff a highly detailed and accurate virtual model of a patient’s teeth. With this model in hand, our staff is then able to virtually design restorations for the patient’s mouth. What does all of this mean to you as the patient? It means efficient and effective care. You don’t have to make multiple trips to our office and on top of that, the care you receive is effective and best in it’s class, with clear long term benefits. 3D imaging technologies have made major advances in the past few years to the point where they are now an-irreplaceable part of dental care.

Bringing the newest technology to work for you, with dental implant technologies that ensure-higher success rates and faster healing – such as Cone Beam CT Scan, Platelet Rich plasma and Piezzotome non-traumatic removal of hopeless teeth; the fastest and most modern treatment possible to permanently rid yourself of years of dental problems in just a few hours.

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