Your smile is what people notice, and when it looks good you feel good. This is also true in regards to other physical attributes because people are attracted to others who are brimming with confidence. Serenity Dental Dentistry of Lake Havasu offers far more than dental care. We provide patients with a number of cosmetic applications including BOTOX© and fillers. These products will help you appear more youthful by revitalizing your skin and boosting your self confidence. BOTOX© is also used to treat certain medical conditions.

If you would like more information about BOTOX© and how it can help you, take a look at the information provided on this page or call us for an appointment. Our Havasu office is like no other in the region because the environment is relaxing and soothing. In fact, our patients say it’s more like a spa than a “dentist’s office.” If you would like to eliminate wrinkles and feel better about the way you look, schedule a Havasu BOTOX© treatment today.

Are facial lines and wrinkles making you feel older than your age? Are you worried that wrinkles in the corners of your eyes or between your eyebrows make you look worried, angry, or sad? Would you like to feel more confident in social situations and have more confidence in your looks?

If so, our Lake Havasu BOTOX© specialist offer a solutions that doesn’t require surgery. You will get natural-looking results at an affordable price, boosting your self esteem by eliminating wrinkles. Contact Serenity Dental today and make an appointment.



What is BOTOX© made from and how does it eliminate wrinkles?

BOTOX© is a brand name of a botulinum neurotoxin product. It is an all-natural purified protein approved by the Food and Drug Association that’s been used for cosmetic treatments since 2002. BOTOX© is proven to eliminate wrinkles, frown lines, and “crow’s feet.” It is also used to treat various medical conditions.

Lake Havasu BOTOX© treatments are capable of the following:

  • Relax platysma muscles in the neck, which softens vertical bands that appear with age.
  • Soften pebble-like chin contractions.
  • Relax unsightly lines that form under the eyes.
  • Lift and balance the brow (may take more than one treatment)

One of the main reasons for the popularity of BOTOX© is because patients receive dramatic results without any significant alterations to their face. Your Havasu BOTOX© treatment merely relaxes your facial muscles. You will still be able to express yourself naturally, as you always have, but without the creases and wrinkles that commonly appear with age.

Your Lake Havasu BOTOX© treatments can be performed in the following locations, which are prone to wrinkles:







    Your Havasu BOTOX© specialist has countless hours of experience with these injections and knows how to correct asymmetries in the face and facial volume loss. You can also combine other volume replacement treatments BOTOX©, like dermal wrinkle fillers, which will produce more dramatic results.

What are Havasu fillers and how do they improve your appearance?

Dermal fillers are often called facial fillers. They are used to reduce, or even eliminate, signs of aging that appear on and around your face. BOTOX© and fillers are often confused but they actually do totally different things. Fillers have been growing more popular in recent years, and with good reason, because the results can be dramatic.

BOTOX© relaxes muscles in the face, which makes wrinkles less noticeable. Fillers stimulate collagen growth, which essentially “fills” the wrinkles that appear on your face. Problem areas like creases and wrinkles are are filled with collagen, which makes your face plump and causes your skin to lift. Our Lake Havasu fillers specialist can eliminate many signs of aging caused when collagen in the face is depleted.

Other benefits of using our Havasu fillers include:

  • Fuller lips
  • Softening wrinkles and creases on your face
  • Reconstruction of uneven facial contours
  • Elimination of shadows under your bottom eyelids
  • Improved appearance of scars

Fillers have another advantage and that is their durability. BOTOX© treatments last up to 6 months before the return of wrinkles but permanent and semi-permanent dermal fillers may last up to 5 years. Other types of dermal fillers may last from 6 months to 2 years. Talk to one of our Lake Havasu fillers specialists for more details on which filler is right for you.


Which is better – Havasu fillers or BOTOX© treatments?

The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors. If you get unwanted wrinkles when you laugh or make facial expressions, then you will likely benefit more from BOTOX©. If you have wrinkles all of the time, then you may benefit more from dermal fillers.

Keep in mind that this is just a basic overview. Every patient is unique, as is every situation. When you first come visit our clinic, our experienced professional will work with you to determine what will work best. We also need to consider whether you’re allergic to any fillers. You want to restore a more youthful appearance so we will take our time and consider every option before we begin either treatment. Many patients benefit from both.

Using BOTOX© for TMJ and jaw tension

If you have a TMJ disorder or have pain in your jaw, you may benefit from BOTOX© injections. We’ve helped a number of patients dealing with soreness and discomfort by using BOTOX©, and it may also help you. Injections are simple to administer and virtually painless, and can even eliminate headaches associated with teeth grinding (bruxism). Patients with locked jaw or hard-to-open jaws may also get relief from BOTOX© injections.

How does BOTOX© work on TMJ and relieve jaw tension?

Your TMJ (Temporomandibular) joint is one of the most complex in your body. The muscles, cartilage, and tendons allow us to speak, eat, and swallow. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to do many of the things that make us human. The joint is like a ball-and-socket joint in a way because your jaw acts as a ball and the curved area around your ear acts like a semi-circular socket.

The muscles that influence movement of the TMJ are as follows:

  • Temporalis muscles that originate on the side of the skull. They help the jaw move up (elevate and retract).
  • Masseater muscles on the outside of the jaw near the angle. They help us move the jaw up as well (retract).
  • Lateral Ptyregoid muscles that attach the TMJ to the lower jaw. They help the jaw move in the opposite direction side to side.
  • Medial Ptyrygoid Muscles that attach to the inside of the jaw. They help the bones elevate.

 BOTOX© helps all of these muscles relax. They won’t even become stimulated subconsciously when you clench and grind your jaws involuntarily. Many people grind their teeth or clench their jaw at night, which is a subconscious way to relieve stress. BOTOX© therapy causes the muscles to relax, preventing the grinding and clenching.

How long does BOTOX© therapy take?

The vast majority of patients say BOTOX© therapy is easy to endure, and it only takes about 20 to 30 minutes. Your TMJ therapy may add another 15 to 20 minutes to that time. It will be administered in our clinic, which offers a relaxed setting more like a spa. It is one of the few therapies that allows patients to choose anywhere in the clinic to sit comfortably.

Does BOTOX© treatment hurt?

Most patients find BOTOX© treatments easy to handle. Some compare it to the feeling of blood being drawn. More sensitive patients sometimes use cold packs or anesthetic creams before treatment to minimize discomfort.

At Serenity, we’ve performed treatments of thousands of patients. We have never seen tears of pain, crying, or heard complaints about BOTOX© therapy treatments. Most people are smiling as the doctor performs the injections, which are given through very thin acupuncture-like syringes to minimize pain and discomfort.

When your treatment is completed you can go about your daily life. Head to the gym, go back to work, or head home and relax.

How long does it take for BOTOX© to work?

It usually takes less than 48 hours for results to appear, but it could take as long as a week. We recommend you schedule another appointment in one week to address any areas in need of a touch-up.


Can I go to work after getting BOTOX© treatment?

Most people can return to work within an hour after treatment. However, you should avoid wearing any hats, headbands, or safety glasses that could be required for some professions. Some patients experience a little redness and/or minor bruising and swelling. If you work in the beauty industry, you should avoid using makeup for 24 hours, and should also avoid any other aesthetic therapies (like hair transplants) for one week.

Are there any side effects from BOTOX© treatment that I should worry about?

For a full list of potential side effects, please visit the Allergen website and take a look at the BOTOX© brochure, which explains the drug in great detail.



Lake Havasu Fillers from Serenity Dental

If you have any other questions or concerns, our treatment specialist will be more happy to address them.

Some other facts you should consider before treatment

If you have ever experienced any unwanted side effects from BOTOX© treatments from another clinic, please let us know. We are often able to eliminate these side effects by adjusting dosage to the appropriate level. In fact, proper dosage is essential to obtaining desired results. Improper dosage could lead to drooling, droopy eye, or even trouble breathing, which is why your choice of clinic matters. Our Lake Havasu BOTOX© specialist has performed thousands of injections, which means you will get the proper dosage and placement for optimal results.

Schedule your Havasu BOTOX© treatment or dermal filler appointment today

At Serenity Dental, your good health, appearance, and self esteem are our highest priorities. You will find that our clinic is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Our professional staff is also top-tier, offering a level of customer care that truly sets us apart. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our Havasu BOTOX© doctor, come by our clinic or give us a call.

Dr. Ash Kaushesh has extensive experience helping patients just like you restore a more youthful, vigorous appearance. Contact us today and explore your options.


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