IV Sedation

Mar 8 • 1 minute read

What is Dental Anxiety?


Simply put, Dental anxiety is the fear of going to the dentist. It can be caused by many factors, such as a bad experience, or trauma caused by a previous experience. Anybody at any age can have Dental anxiety and it is more common than you think.


 How can IV Sedation help with Dental Anxiety?


Iv Sedation( Intravenous) is a procedure done by certified medical professionals that can help alleviate some of the following

Dental fears:

·     Dental Anxiety

·     Low pain tolerance

·     Gag reflex

·     Difficulty with sitting for a long period of time

·     Extensive procedures


Serenity Dental In Lake Havasu City, Arizona are one of the leaders in IV Sedation in Dentistry.  Dr Ash Kaushesh has numerous certifications in IV sedation and would love to help ease your dental anxiety. 


Could IV Sedation be the answer you are looking for?


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