What are composite fillings?

What are composite fillings? A composite (tooth colored) filling is used to repair a tooth that...

Mar 30 • 1 min read
Sensitive Teeth

Have Sensitive teeth? Here’s why! Have you ever winced in pain after eating a spoonful of ice c...

Mar 29 • 1 min read
Why do teeth become stained?

Reasons why your teeth are stained. A beautiful smile is one of the best accessories anyone can...

Mar 29 • 1 min read
Caring for your Dental Implant

Caring for dental implants is the same as caring for your natural teeth. It is important to maintain...

Mar 21 • 2 min read
When to change your toothbrush

When you change out your toothbrush? Have you changed out your toothbrush lately? Unfortunately...

Mar 10 • 1 min read
What are Dental Crowns?

What is a Dental Crown? A Dental Crown is a prosthetic cap that fits over your natural tooth st...

Mar 10 • 1 min read
IV Sedation

What is Dental Anxiety?        Simply put, Dental anxiety is...

Mar 8 • 1 min read

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